Dangerous Goods Warehousing & Storage

Purpose of the Coursebigstockphoto_Delivery_Warehouse_2331484
This course gives students the knowledge to safely handle and store hazardous chemicals/dangerous goods.

Duration of Course
1 day

Course Content
Students will learn the following:

  • Legislation, WHS Act and Regulations
  • Classification of dangerous goods
  • GHS classification of hazardous chemicals
  • Relationship between hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods
  • WHS and ADG7 terminology and definitions
  • WHS Regulations Chapter 7 and relationship with various associated schedules
  • Interpret SDS information
  • Marking and labelling
  • Safe handling, storage and segregation
  • Manifest quantity
  • Placard quantity
  • MHF Threshold quantity
  • HAZCHEM Codes and their application
  • PPE and Safety Equipment
  • Emergency procedures


Course Recognition
A certificate of attendance will be issued on completion of the course.

Who Should Attend?
This course is designed for anyone who requires a general understanding of storage and handling hazardous chemicals/dangerous goods as required under the Work, Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations.  No previous knowledge or experience with Hazardous chemicals/dangerous goods is required to be able to complete the course.