Globally Harmonized System
of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals

Duration of Course
1/2 – 1 day

Course Content

What is the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS)?
The GHS is a single, globally harmonised system of classification of chemicals, labels and safety data sheets. The GHS was developed by the United Nations and is being progressively implemented in many countries including Australia. It must be implemented by 31 December 2016.

All Modes Dangerous Goods Training is now providing a face to face awareness course which includes:

  • Part 1 (Half Day Course): Classification and hazard communication – “old” systems in use in Australia
  • The GHS – what it is, why it was developed, what it aims to do, what are its benefits.
  • The GHS and WHS Regulations and other State regulations– Scope and Application
  • How does the GHS work
  • GHS Hazard Class and Categories
  • Hazard communication
  • Labelling and Safety Data Sheets
  • Signal words, pictograms, hazard statements, precautionary statements
  • Example labelling and SDS
  • Part 2 (Full Day Course Only): Classifying chemicals according to the GHS
  • What is classification?
  • Where do I get information to help me classify
  • Cut-off limits
  • Practical Example classifications
  • Single chemicaldangerous-goods-labels
  • Mixtures

Part 1 is general and is suitable for all employees (half day)
Part 2 is designed for those that classify the substance with in depth information for inclusion on SDS and product. (full day including Part 1)
The course can be tailored to your requirements.