Dangerous Goods by Sea Transport – Maritime Function Specific

Purpose of the Course
The course gives students the knowledge to interpret and apply the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG) to shipments of dangerous goods and hazardous materials including marine pollutants by sea.

shipdock Duration of Course
Two days

Course Content

  • Terminology applicable to the IMDG code
  • Background and general introduction to international agreements, Australian dangerous goods codes and regulations
  • Understanding of international conventions such as : SOLAS and MARPOL
  • Introduction to International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and dangerous goods
  • Introduction to IMDG code, the application of the code, the content and layout and the dangerous goods list
  • Introduction to classification physics, chemistry, and properties including basic terms, hazardous chemicals and chemical reactions and basics of classification
  • Classification and index used by UN/IMO UN classes, Packing Groups, Proper Shipping Names and United Nations numbers including classification of samples, marine pollutants and waste materials
  • Package and tank requirements including general requirements, selection of packages and description of package types
  • Consignment procedures including general provisions, Marking and labelling of packages, marking and placarding of cargo transport units and documentation
  • Limited and excepted quantity provisions
  • Transport operations including stowage, segregation, dangerous goods incidents, transport of CTU’s on board ships, packing a CTU, dangerous goods in barges on barge carrying ships, temperature control provisions, transport of wastes and competent authorities approvals and exemptions.
  • IMDG code supplement including emergency response procedures, medical first aid guide, reporting procedures, guidelines for packing cargo transport units, recommendations on the safe use of pesticides on ships, carriage of nuclear materials.

Course Recognitionshipping-container
This course is approved by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. A certificate is issued on successful completion of the course assessment that will be conducted throughout the course. The qualification is valid for the duration of the Current IMDG code with which you completed your training.. You will be notified of course dates available for recertification before the next edition becomes mandatory.

Who Should Attend?
Those who:

  • Classify dangerous goods
  • Pack dangerous goods
  • Mark, label and placard
  • Load/unload Cargo Transport Units
  • Prepare transport documents
  • Offer dangerous goods for transport
  • Accept dangerous goods for transport
  • Handle dangerous goods for transport
  • Prepare dangerous goods loading/stowage plans
  • Load/unload dangerous goods into/from ships
  • Carry dangerous goods in transport
  • Enforce or survey or inspect for compliance with applicable rules and regulations: or
  • Are otherwise involved in the transport of dangerous goods as determined by the competent authority